THE Robin Williams on July 21 he would have turned 72 years old and his children uploaded two emotional posts on social media about how the beloved actor would be today.

The actor passed away at an old age 63 years old after he committed suicide on August 11, 2014, battling depression for the last few years of his life.

Two of his three children, Zak (40 years old) and Zelda Williams (33 years old), shared tender thoughts about their father on Twitter.

“That look with a mischievous, loving smile that your friends and loved ones knew so well. Happy and weird and wonderful. I miss you and love you forever,” wrote his son Zak, who shared a photo of Robin wearing headphones and smiling in the 1987 war comedy Good Morning Vietnam.

Zelda, who refers to her father as ‘Poppo’, tweeted a photo of Robin Williams holding a sign at a 2007 protest in New York.

She captioned her tweet: “Happy birthday to Poppo, who would surely be out there fighting for art and artists today and always.”