Concert Hall: Pianist Jean-Louis Stuerman meets Athens State Orchestra

Concert Hall: Pianist Jean-Louis Stuerman meets Athens State Orchestra

Brazilian pianist Jean-Louis Stuerman, a thoughtful soloist with enviable international collaborations and a long career in the largest symphony halls of Europe, North America and Japan, meets the Athens State Orchestra under the renowned Loukas Karivos at 4:30 p.m. , at the Athens Concert Hall.

The distinguished virtuoso will perform in the Christos Lambrakis Hall the Concerto for piano and orchestra by Robert Schumann, the one and only one written by the great composer for this musical instrument.

In the second part of the night, the favorite Athenian ensemble will present the masterful Agreement no. 6 in the major of Anton Bruckner.

Prior to the concert (19:30, Conference Center Hall 1), a free introductory speech by composer Charalambos Gogios has been scheduled for ticket holders. The concert is part of the circle “Great Performers of the Athens Concert Hall” and is a co-production with the Athens State Orchestra. Ticket prices: from 9 to 50 euros.

Masterclass with Jean-Louis Stuerman

The Palace organizes a series of masterclasses by leading soloists, which it hosts this year in its artistic program. They are addressed to young musicians, graduates or graduates of conservatories and higher music departments, who wish to delve into the secrets of interpretation and technique. Participants will have the opportunity to work with great artists with international careers and benefit from their knowledge and experience. The masterclasses are open to an audience.

On Saturday, February 5, from 11:00 to 12:00, a masterclass is organized with Jean-Louis Stuerman in the Dimitris Mitropoulos Hall. Admission is free with a priority ticket after online booking from 28/1. Attendance is required 30 minutes before the start of the program. Information for interested musicians: 210 7282728.


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