Neymar does not accept explanation from Zélia Duncan in defamation lawsuit


Neymar, 29, did not accept the explanations of the singer Zélia Duncan, 57, in a defamation process that the athlete is bringing in court. According to UOL, the PSG player sent a petition to the Judiciary to reinforce that he had his honor offended by the artist.

In September 2021, Zélia said, through social networks, that Neymar is a disappointment. “I’m not a footballer, but Neymar seems to me so far a promise as an athlete and a disappointment as a citizen. Do you want respect? Give him and show service. And pay your taxes,” he wrote.

The criticism was a response to a statement by the attacker, who had declared that he was not valued. In an interview with TV Globo’s Eric Faria, Neymar said he had long felt disrespected by reporters, commentators “and others too”.

The player decided to sue the artist. According to the São Paulo Court of Justice, in the request he claimed to have suffered defamation and his lawyers asked for a public retraction and further explanation of the reasons that led the singer to doubt the athlete’s honor.

The following month, Zélia was summoned by the Public Ministry of São Paulo to clarify the alleged offenses against the player.

“There’s no reason to [processo] Go forward. It’s funny to know that Neymar did that. I find it very disproportionate for a guy who has so much to do, but something hurt him. We are in difficult internet times. I’ll find out,” the singer said at the time.

In the process, Zélia’s defense stated that she expressed an opinion and that there is no relevant or offensive content in the post made on social networks. The post has been deleted.


On the 25th, Netflix’s documentary “Neymar, O Caos Perfeito”, which exposes the friction between Neymar and his father, premieres. The three-episode series has among the interviewees the player’s colleagues (Daniel Alves, Messi, Suárez, Mbappé), former players (Raí, David Beckham) and journalist Juca Kfouri, the columnist for leaf.

The series shows behind-the-scenes moments at the athlete’s home: friends, the possible return to Barcelona, ​​family, vacations. And he goes back to his career, always from the point of view of shirt 10.


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