In an OPAP store in Agios Athanasios Dramas the big lucky JOKER was found who won 1.7 million euros with a ticket worth 2 euros.

The “golden” ticket was played at the OPAP store of Mrs. Eftychia Michaelidou. “A journalist friend of mine informed me on Wednesday morning that JOKER’s first division success was in my shop. My joy was enormous as you can understand. It was one of the most pleasant morning awakenings. In these difficult times, it is a note of optimism for everyone“, underlines Mrs. Michailidou.

Regarding the lucky ticket, she explains: “The big winner had completed 4 columns and thus, giving just 2 euros, became a millionaire. The numbers were actually filled in by him, since he had not chosen the random selection. I don’t know the lucky person personally, but I believe he is a local resident and I’m glad we were able to change his life for the better».

From father to daughter – One of the oldest agencies in the area

Although the store has already been operating for 47 years, this was the first very big success it recorded.

My store is one of the oldest in the area, having been in business for 47 years. My father had it first for 30 years and I have been running it for 17 years. We have had success in the past, but never on this scale. I said it can’t be, at some point such a great success will come to us. Well, it finally came!“, says Mrs. Michailidou.

According to the game’s official website, in addition to the big super lucky, the JOKER draw revealed on Tuesday night four more winners in the second category who won 25,993.44 euros each.