Felipe Neto retrieves video in which he makes a prediction about Larissa Manoela’s parents: ‘I was wrong’


The influencer Felipe Neto brought up, this Thursday (17), a video from 2018 in which he makes a prediction about the relationship of Larissa Manoela’s parents with the money from her work. The actress became one of the most commented subjects of the week after giving an interview to Fantástico, last Sunday (13), about the breakup with her parents and the negotiations of contracts that they had.

In the clip released by Neto in 2018, he jokes about the dynamics of families in relation to money, especially when parents are financially responsible for their children. However, in his comment, he points out that the situation would be different in the case of Larissa Manoela, since she was already mature enough to deal with her own earnings, given the nature of her work and the contribution she makes to the family income.

“In 2018 I tried to make a prediction about Larissa Manoela and I was completely wrong,” says his post, this Thursday, which received more than 11,600 likes.

In the interview with Fantástico, Larissa detailed her reasons for taking the reins of her career, stating that the contracts and clauses in the companies managed by her family were not in line with her expectations.


Source: Folha

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