Ailton Graça draws attention due to his resemblance to Mussum, his first ‘pretagonist’

Ailton Graça draws attention due to his resemblance to Mussum, his first ‘pretagonist’

Ailton Graça will live his first protagonist in “Mussum-O Filmis”. The biographical feature, which will tell the story of the comedian beyond the memorable role in “Os Trapalhões”, will be shown this Thursday (17) at the Festival de Gramado.

On social media, the publicity poster drew attention to the similarity between Ailton and the honoree. “I was impressed with the resemblance. For a second I thought it was Mussum himself”, wrote user Suzana on Twitter. The actor, in turn, said that he is the right choice for the role not only because of the physical aspect: “I always wanted to do this job, whether in the theater or anywhere”.

Ailton celebrated what he called his “main character”, and said that the role is the realization of a life project. Participation in the Festival de Gramado is also another achievement, according to him: “I’ve already been in some films that were part of the festival, but I wasn’t there in that role of ‘pretagonist’. The expectation is huge. It will be a pleasure to be part of the festival”.

The film is directed by Sílvio Guindane and also features Cacau Protásio, Yuri Marçal, Jeniffer Dias, Nando Cunha, Ângelo Fernandes and Luiza Rosa. The comedian’s story is told based on the biography ” “Mussum- a story of Humor and Samba”, by Juliano Barreto.

At the 51st Gramado Film Festival, the feature competes for the Kikito award with the national productions “Angela”, “More Heavier is Heaven”, “O Noise of the Night”, “Tia Virgínia” and “A Happy Family”. The contestants will be displayed until August 18th, at the traditional Palácio dos Festivais, and, on the night of August 19th, the winners of each category will be revealed.

Check out an excerpt from the film below.

Source: Folha

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