Wanessa Camargo is called ‘pop weeder’ and says fame is fair

Wanessa Camargo is called ‘pop weeder’ and says fame is fair

Wanessa Camargo, 40, used all her diplomacy to ask her followers to stop making comparisons between her work and that of other singers – Anitta, specifically. Right at the beginning of the text published on Twitter, she says she was amused to be called a “pop weeder”, but that does not mean that, because she is a pioneer, she should have her work compared to that of other singers.

“Yes, I was the first popular Brazilian artist to do reggaeton in Portuguese. The genre was exploding with Shakira’s La Tortura and Daddy Yankee’s Gasolina, my producer introduced me to the sound in 2005 and I fell in love!” She then said that, a few years later, “Anitta revived the style with an incredible remix with J. Balvin, and brought a lot of attention and space to the style”.

Wanessa then asked fans to stop encouraging rivalries between the singers. “Any artist who makes pop music in Brazil must be celebrated and supported, because in our TOP 50 there are few songs of the style and very few women, including. If we keep rivaling, it makes everything worse”, she emphasized.

Finally, Wanessa Camargo said that she is always on the side of the artists and that she knows how difficult it is to guarantee a successful place. “When they try to erase the legacy of each of our artists (because each one matters), we need to be the first to remind them who helped pave a path that is still under constant construction. There will still be many artists who will help just as much, and I will be here to support always”.

Source: Folha

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