Ketsejoglu: “AEK’s changes spoke, Gacinovic changed their psychology”


His own comment on the qualification her AEK in the playoffs of the Champions League he did Kostas Ketsetzoglou to News Bulletin 247.

I said on Friday that Panathinaikos was an epic qualifier, now it looks normal with what happened in New Philadelphia. What happened yesterday was incredible. In addition to the two goals, in late stoppage time, there were two more chances, for example with Mandalo whose shot went wide of the post. AEK was asked to face a team with a lot of European experience, having a roster that won the double and that counts a lot“, the team reporter initially reported.

Livakovic had kept Dinamo alive in the game, which was 0-0 or 1-1 in the first half. In the end, the stadium spoke, the… God. The changes spoke, mainly Gacinovic, and he reminded everyone that AEK can, that AEK is a team that can do something. And Mandalos, and Galanopoulos and of course Araujo, who scores the goal and wins the penalty. Gacinovic changed AEK’s mentality at that point in the match“, he added.

And he continued, saying:If it remained 0-2, it would be a tough elimination, but I believe that no one would stay in it, after what preceded and the image that AEK had in the two matches. The best team qualified against a very good team. I would also like to emphasize that after AEK’s first goal, if there had been smoke detectors, the 2-2 might never have happened.

In such a condition, with the wait for the smoke generators, the pace of the team would drop, which showed that it was struggling to get the desired result in the delays of the match. After yesterday, everyone must have in mind that the match must continue immediately.

We must also say a big thumbs up to the world of the team for their behavior before, during and after the end of the match. Nothing was done with the police, no smoke detectors were opened, no lasers were used and even though AEK was out of Europe with 0-2, nothing happened and in the end it was very nice moments with the players of the two teams hugging».

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Source: Sport Fm

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