After Larissa Manoela’s mother’s interview with Chris Flores, netizens remember Pregnant from Taubaté


The interview by Silvana Taques, Larissa Manoela’s mother, to Fofocalizando (SBT) this Monday (21) generated great repercussions on social networks. After the actress’ statements to Fantástico (Globo) last Sunday (20), Silvana answered questions from presenter Chris Flores about the family breakup.

Netizens say that the actress’s mother would be answering the questions with false information and that the presenter of Fofocalizando would be “falling into the lie”. For this reason, the internet recalled the case of Grávida de Taubaté.

In January 2012, Chris Flores interviewed a woman from the interior of São Paulo who claimed to be pregnant with quadruplets, on the program Hoje em Dia (Record). The presenter questioned the pregnant woman and was surprised by the physical aspects and the answers. “Look at the size of that belly!”, “She said she prefers to stand up, didn’t she?” , “How are you doing to sleep?”, she said.

Reporter Michael Keller went to follow the routine of the pregnant woman in Taubaté right after the interview. He discovered the hoax after interviewing the doctor who would have treated Maria Verônica and stated that the ultrasound was stolen from the internet.

See more reactions from Internet users to Silvana’s interview.

Source: Folha

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