Producer apologizes for not inviting Liniker to receive awards


A day after Liniker’s outburst about not being invited to the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix ceremony, producer O2 apologized to the singer. She is the protagonist of “Manhãs de Setembro”, which won the award for Best Fiction Series, but did not go on stage to receive the trophy. In a note released on Friday (25), the producer’s advisory did not explain why the invitation was not sent to the actress, but regretted the “disruptions caused by the situation”.

On Thursday (24), Liniker shared a post celebrating the recognition for the production award, which is already in its second season on the Prime Video streaming platform. However, she revealed that she had not been invited to the event held at Cidades das Artes, in Rio de Janeiro, the night before. In her outburst, she declared: “I was not invited to celebrate alongside the team and the cast the award we won, to share the victory night with other artists and collaborators of the Brazilian and world audiovisual”.

She continued: “We were forgotten once again, when it was time to pop the champagne when we reached the expected ‘final cut’ of a production. Brazilian cinema once again failed to recognize the other people who contribute to the creation of a project of scope. global, which really changed the national audiovisual narrative in the last decade. This is not just about my work, but the determination and unique talent of each individual who dedicated themselves to the creation of the series”, expressed Liniker.

Liniker also pointed out that, in a country with high rates of violence against minorities, series like Manhãs de Setembro are essential for diversity to be recognized and increasingly present in the audiovisual industry. “A professional, actress, artist, who studied to be able to exercise this trade, and a black transvestite, can tell the story of another transvestite, alongside other transvestites and transgender people, other black people and allies, who believe in each comma of this story and and transformed the great September Manhãs into the success that it is”, he commented.

See the full note from producer O2

O2 informs that the invitation to the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prize did not reach the actress and singer Liniker and apologizes for what happened.

The artist, a talent recognized for her incredible work on the series, has always been invited to all awards and events, even when she is not nominated for Best Actress – that is, in situations where only producers or technicians are awarded.

O2 Filmes reiterates its admiration for all of Liniker’s effort to contribute to making the series one of the most praised projects in recent years by the public and specialized critics, and regrets the inconvenience caused by the situation.

Source: Folha

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