At least a dozen people died in Madagascar today when they were trampled at the entrance to the national stadium in the capital, the prime minister of the large Indian Ocean island, Christian Dsay, said.

The stampede occurred at the entrance to the Barea Stadium in Antananarivo as fans tried to enter Madagascar’s national stadium for the opening ceremony of the Indian Ocean islands’ 11th Games. The stadium was filled with almost 50,000 spectators.

The provisional toll is “twelve dead” and nearly 80 wounded, Dsai told reporters outside the Antananarivo hospital where the injured have been taken.

It is not known at this time what caused the trampling.

President Andri Razoelina, who was present at the sporting event, asked for a minute’s silence.

“We are almost 50,000 people inside this stadium,” the head of state said in a televised speech. But “a tragic incident occurred as people were trampled. There were injured and dead at the entrance.”

Rescue crews, police and gendarmerie are at the scene, according to an AFP reporter.

The Indian Ocean Islands Games are being held this year in Madagascar until September 3. They have been held every four years on different islands in the southwest Indian Ocean for about forty years. The previous event was held in Mauritius.