Alice Braga on Bruna Marquezine’s debut in Hollywood: ‘Who opened doors was my aunt’


Ana Cora Lima

The start of recording for the series “Cidade de Deus” brought nostalgia to Alice Braga, who played the character Angélica in the 2002 film by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund. With no agenda, she was left out of the new production, which will show life of the characters 20 years later, but says he found the idea incredible, which is being recorded in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery with O2 Filmes.

Alice remembers that she was in high school (the current High School) when she was called for the film. “I had the doors open”, says she, who at the time had no record as an actress and argues that there is room for anyone who wants to experiment in the area. “I think it’s important to organize the profession, to have laws and unions, but I’m in favor of opportunities”, she evaluates. “People can discover themselves in art and they can also be discovered. Flexibility is needed.”

The actress is in the cast of the seven-episode miniseries “A Murder at the End of the World”, which premieres on November 14 on the paid channel FX in the United States. Before , she could also be seen in the movie “Hypnotic”, which she stars alongside Ben Affleck and hits Brazilian theaters on October 26th.

With a consolidated career in Hollywood, where she participated in films such as “Os Novos Mutantes” (2020) and “O Esquadrão Suicida” (2021), Alice anticipates praising the arrival of another Brazilian to the American market: Bruna Marquezine. “They only talk about her over there, I think it’s great!”, She says.

The colleague praises Marquezine’s performance in the film “Besouro Azul”, by DC, and says she was not surprised by the Brazilian’s role in the first international production. “I wasn’t mistaken when I saw her so talented when she was little”, recalls the actress who hopes that other Brazilian actors can break the language barrier. “We have to export our talents and honor our art”, she says.

Niece of Sonia Braga, she makes a point of remembering that the famous relative was the first Brazilian to be successful in world cinema. “Who opened the doors was my aunt Sonia, I insist on that”, she comments. “She was the one who pioneered the international career for Latin American actresses.”

By the way, she says that her career taking off in the American market was something fortuitous. “I never planned to work outside Brazil”, she says. “The doors were opening, and I went in.”

Source: Folha

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