A tiny “Monet” met with the original painting: the Peruvian miniature artist Ana Sofia Casaverde visited the National Gallery of Art in Washington months ago to see his work Claude Monet “Femme avec un Parasol-Madame Monet et son fils”, a work of 1875, which he had painstakingly copied with a needle. What made her experience stand out is that she had brought with her a postage stamp size copy of the painting she had created. She recently spoke to Hyperallergic about her visit experience.

With a size of less than 6.5 square centimeters, Casaverde’s version was both a challenge and a passion project. “I challenge myself to see how much of it (including artists’ techniques and influences) I can convey in tiny drops while trying to retain the essence of the original painting. When I start to paint, I focus so much that everything around me seems to disappear” he said.

She described the experience of her 2021 “La Pequeña Mujer con Sombrilla” meeting Monet’s original work as “one of the happiest moments of her life.” She said she was smiling as the museum guide talked about the painting’s details in the French painter’s work, such as the hint of wind moving the female figure’s dress and the flecks of yellow to show the light in an impressionistic style.

I had imagined all these details the day I made the miniature version, never crossing my mind that one day, thanks to my work, I would be there looking at the original» confessed Ana Sofía Casaverde

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