BBB 22: Luciano says he talks about fame ‘it ended up out of context’


Luciano Estevan, 28, analyzed his brief stint at BBB 22 (Globo). The first one eliminated from the current edition said that he was harmed by the way he referred to his quest for fame and by his insistence on the theme, which ended up alienating his colleagues.

“I started talking about that point of fame, which for me, was something so dear and so cute, that came from my mother,” he said. “It just got out of context, people got it wrong and started judging me.”

“In this trial, I ended up moving away and, in Big Brother Brasil, you can’t move away from people; you have to get closer to people”, he said. “That was the main point.”

For him, it lacked doing “exactly the opposite of what I said”. “I needed to introduce myself more into the game, into the conversations; suddenly forcing an approximation”, he suggested. “Being more participatory and active in the house. And leaving that side of fame aside, not talking about this subject anymore – which has become a meme.”

“But I, as I’m a stubborn person, talked about this subject a lot in there because I wanted to prove my point to the people”, he continued. “And it ended up frustrating me. But if it were the other way around, for sure, I’d still be there in the game.”

If he could go back to the house, he says he would have another strategy. “I said it the first time and the crowd thought it was bad? I would leave it alone, change the tactics, try to get closer to the people who were messed with this and I wouldn’t touch the subject anymore”, he said. “I think it would keep me in the game for a few more weeks.”

He said that, despite having passed as a “boring” in the house because of the subject, what he considers fame is the affection he receives from the public. “I had a very small fraction of that, of fans coming in with the YouTube videos I made and the plays I ended up starring in,” he commented. “I would come down from the stage and the crowd would come to take a picture with me, hug me, ask for my autograph… so it was a little taste.”

“I just wanted it enlarged,” he explained. “What always attracted me was the warmth of the fans and having fans, a loyal crowd, engaged, following and recognizing their work. In my case, it’s the work on the internet, my work as an actor, as a model.”

In fact, despite being the first to be eliminated, he says he certainly managed to expand his fan base. “I’m feeling mega famous!” he said. “Ex-BBBs are talking to me, comedians I’ve been a fan of for years too.”

“There are a lot of people supporting me, telling me to raise my head, that life goes on,” he continued. “And I’m glad they’re coming to talk to me. I’m not sad, no. That goal of fame has been achieved, yes.”

Now, the plan is to make the most of the fame he’s gained on the reality show.” Simply quadruple what I’ve achieved – in numbers, in recognition, in reach,” he said. “Show my work, my gift of being a great actor, both in soap operas, movies and commercials. But also selling products and taking jobs that appear. I want to use my social networks, my reach to help me and help other people who are also starting out.”

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