After Faustão transplant, Sandra Annenberg announces decision to be an organ donor


Ana Cora Lima

Sandra Annenberg announced on her social network that she had taken a decision after the repercussion of the transplant of presenter Fausto Silva. Faustão was hospitalized at the beginning of August with serious heart failure at Albert Einstein Hospital, São Paulo, and last Sunday (27th), he received a new heart. The anchor of Globo Repórter, from Globo, said that she intends to donate her organs: “I am a donor”.

In her Instagram feed, Sandra published a click in which she appears next to Faustão and wrote a caption talking about her support for the presenter’s recovery, to whom she is very close: “If there is someone who has always had a good heart, he his name is Faustão. Irony of life… It’s good that there are generous people who think of others”, he began.

The journalist also emphasized that she made her decision public in order to influence other people to do the same: “I take the opportunity to say here, publicly, that I am also an organ donor. When my time comes, other people will be able to continue living. Let’s celebrate life. !” she wrote.

Faustão is already evolving his clinical condition and communicates normally. According to the medical bulletin released by the Hospital Albert Einstein, at the end of the afternoon of this Wednesday (30), the communicator is in full recovery and his heart is back to normal.

“The patient Fausto Silva continues to evolve as expected. He is communicating normally and is very willing, 72 hours after the heart transplant, which took place last Sunday at the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein. His cardiac function is normal and stable and, today, the drain and some catheters were removed, in addition to the patient starting physiotherapy”, says the text signed by doctors Fernando Bacal, Fábio Antônio Gaiotto and Miguel Cendoroglo Neto.

Source: Folha

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