Ingrid Guimarães vents about being ‘slave’ to the ‘well for age’ label: ‘Aging is a woman’s thing’


Ingrid Guimarães, 51, shared her reflections on the stigma attached to the expression “well for her age”, in a post this Thursday afternoon (31) on Instagram. In her analysis, the artist highlighted that, although this speech is often interpreted as a compliment, it hides a certain ageism that deserves to be discussed.

The actress brought out the complexities behind this kind of thinly-veiled compliment. “I got the peck ‘okay for your age’. Behind it, there’s a little camouflage thing there. You’re good for your age, but only for your age. Comparing to other ages, you’re not so good”, he pondered. , in video on your profile.

She also detailed the thoughts that invade her mind when she is praised under this premise. “Of course I’m happy that people are praising me. Thank you very much, but I’m a bit of a slave to the peck now. Do I have to work out more, eat better, treat my skin more? Will I lose this seal… will it change the pattern and a person my age can’t even be good for his age.”

In her report, the actress also directed her attention to the disparity in treatment between men and women in the context of aging: “A 50-year-old man does not need the seal. He is already born with the seal. A 50-year-old man, for the market, is an article of Lux.”

For Ingrid, society needs to reexamine the standards it imposes on women as they age. “I wanted to understand why they are called George Clooney, and we are called ‘tarot wise’? But men will never get a peck because getting old is a woman’s thing”, concluded the actress, ending her outburst with a deep reflection on inequalities of gender that still persist.

Source: Folha

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