The Town: Paolla Oliveira comments on style similar to that of Diogo Nogueira, even without matching


Victor Moreno

Paolla Oliveira, 41, and Diogo Nogueira, 42, arrived at The Town this Sunday (3) wearing similar looks, but they say it didn’t go together. “It’s like that, harmony is good. Even in clothes”, jokes the actress.

The singer, in turn, explains that they didn’t even get ready together. “When we go out together, she starts getting ready first, because normally women take longer”, he says. “So she goes to her space to change and I stay in my space to change. And then when we meet, we’re both alike.”

The couple, by the way, was enjoying one of the first music festivals together. “Today I came with Diogo for the first time, as soon as he gets through, in fact”, he jokes, about the crowd that formed around them, when they arrived at the VIP box.

Diogo, who is a sambista, says he likes to listen to other rhythms when he is not working. “Without a doubt. Today we’re going to be in the audience, having fun,” he says. Paolla adds: “Today he wants to see and enjoy. We want to see Bruno Mars dancing”.

At events like The Town, they reinforce that they feel a lot of affection from the public. “People feel it’s very popular,” she says. “Sometimes I ask myself, but what do we do? I think we joined forces that were already individual, you know? And we just are. I think we are living in a moment where just being true is also worth a lot, right?”

Even though they are quite harassed, the actress says that there is no room for jealousy in their relationship. “I think it’s one of the most annoying feelings that exists. It invents things, it destroys what’s good”, evaluates the actress, who is preparing to move into a house that she is renovating together with her beloved.

“I think it’s a new cycle when you move to a new place. We are having a lot of time to prepare for an endless work”, she jokes, between laughs.

Source: Folha

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