The Town: All black and low-waist looks dominate among celebrities; see photos


Julius Boll

Black, black and more black everywhere, and a vintage feel to the props. Low waist? We have too. The celebrities did their best in their productions for the second day of The Town, a festival that follows its schedule at the Interlagos Circuit this Sunday (3). As seen by the report of the F5 in the boxes and in the public, there were many people betting on the good and traditional black.

Fashion consultant Camile Stefano, who holds a postgraduate degree from the University of Fine Arts (SP), points out that the trend for basic pieces, whether in black, jeans or even the classic white cotton T-shirts, is the look on social networks that ended up adopting it at festivals around the world. “All this with eye-catching accessories, such as glitter, sequins and cutouts, in addition to daring fits, such as a low waist”, she points out.

According to Camile, black clothes work very well for music events in general because they refer to the universe of pop and rock, that is, the classic “wear without fear of making mistakes”. Juliette, Pedro Scooby, the couple Gustavo and Laís Caldas, as well as Valéria Almeida, are some of the celebrities who did their best in the all black.

Already the low waist, very present in the 1990s, is something that will be back in the next spring/summer season, despite dividing opinions. “The low waist does not suit all bodies, it is aimed at an extremely thin body and is designed for comfort”, analyzes Camile. “High-waisted pants are here to ensure comfort and fit well to all bodies.”

Cíntia Dicker, Giovanna Ewbank and Slovenia are some of the personalities who bet on this second trend.

Source: Folha

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