Doorman who witnessed the attack on Victor Meyniel is charged with failing to provide assistance


The aggression suffered by actor Victor Meyniel last weekend in Rio de Janeiro continues to be investigated by the state police. The doorman who witnessed the scene was booked for failing to provide assistance, as the recording shows that he did nothing to help the artist or stop the violence.

Gilmar José Agostini is an employee of the guesthouse where the attack took place, in Copacabana. The actor was attacked with punches and kicks by Yuri de Moura Alexandre, who introduced himself as a doctor, on Saturday morning (2).

The actor said that they met at a nightclub in the area but that, when they were alone in Yuri’s apartment, his behavior changed. In a note sent to F5the police say that the aggressor was caught red-handed when he was returning from the gym and charged with the crimes of bodily injury, injury due to prejudice and ideological falsehood.

The authorities also said the case was forwarded to Justice, with a request to convert the arrest warrant in flagrante delicto to preventive arrest.

This Monday morning (4), Victor said that he is recovering physically and mentally and thanked him for the messages of support he received. “Yesterday was the day of a new cycle for me and I took the opportunity to surround myself with dear people and a lot of love. We are not one.”

The actor has starred in the films “The Last Party” (2023), alongside Marina Moschen and Victor Lamoglia, and “A Christmas Full of Grace” (Netlix), with Sérgio Malheiros and Gkay.

Source: Folha

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