Bruno de Luca wrote a play with Kayky Brito and says he has trauma from the accident: ‘I can’t take it anymore’


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Ana Cora Lima

Presenter Bruno de Luca spoke to the press after testifying at the 16th DP in Rio de Janeiro this Wednesday (6) about the accident of actor Kayky Brito. As he left the police station, de Luca revealed that he was writing a play with him. Both were just having fun and drinking when the fact happened on Saturday (2).

“I’m traumatized and it was the worst thing that happened in my life. Kayky is my friend and we were writing a play, having fun, I went to pay the bill and all this happened”, stated Bruno de Luca.

Kayky’s friend reaffirmed that he is close to the family. “I appreciate the messages I’ve been getting and will pass them on to him. I hope to get my head together and move forward.”

Bruno de Luca explained that he has experienced a trauma in his life with the accident. The video in which he appears alarmed and with his hands on his head has been passed on by him several times.

“It was the only reaction I had at that moment. You saw it. I can’t bear to watch the video of the accident anymore. If you can stop showing it, I’d be very grateful”, said Bruno de Luca to the press.

Before Bruno, the employee of the kiosk where they were before clarified the situation, and says that the driver who ran over Kayky was at low speed.

The official confirmed that both had consumed alcohol. Kayky drank three glasses of vodka and energy, along with Bruno. He went to the car and almost got hit.

According to police chief Ângelo Lages, from the 16th Police Precinct – who is investigating the case -, Kayky was with friends, including actor Bruno de Luca, at post 6 in Barra da Tijuca, when he crossed the avenue to get something from his car. . The actor was run over when he was returning to the company of friends.

O F5 obtained images of the moment of the accident, and it shows Bruno de Luca amazed with his hand on his head, not believing what happened.

Kayky had multiple body trauma and head trauma. Her condition is considered serious. According to the last medical bulletin released this Wednesday, Kayky had a significant improvement.

Source: Folha

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