Faustão is transferred to the room and the heart was not rejected, says medical bulletin


Gabriel Vaquer

Presenter Fausto Silva left the semi-intensive bed at the Albert Einstein hospital this Friday (8). Faustão was transferred to an apartment, the last stage before a probable discharge. Faustão underwent a heart transplant on August 27th.

According to a medical bulletin released to the press, Faustão “remains with normal cardiac function and without evidence of rejection of the organ”, according to the document. “The patient was transferred to an apartment, where he is undergoing a rehabilitation process”, concludes the note.

It is signed by Fernando Bacal, cardiologist at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein; Fábio Antônio Gaiotto, cardiovascular surgeon; and Miguel Cendoroglo Neto, Medical Director, who are taking care of Faustão on a daily basis.

Recently, the presenter posted a video on Instagram and stated that he will be eternally grateful to the donor, the former varzea soccer player, Fábio Cordeiro da Silva, and his family.

“I want to give a special thanks to José Pereira da Silva, Fábio’s father, who was incredibly grandiose, absurdly generous and allowed me to stay alive. He gave me the chance to live again.”

Fábio was passionate about football and played on the left wing. Watching the Brasileirão games on TV was one of his favorite programs on Sundays. Same day of the week that Faustão always worked, even when he started his career as a sports reporter.

Source: Folha

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