The Town: With transparency, Patrícia Poeta says she can be more daring when dressing after leaving journalism


Victor Moreno

“Today I’m saying good night after a long time”, jokes Patrícia Poeta upon arriving at The Town, in São Paulo, this Saturday (9). The Encontro (Globo) presenter says she came to see the Foo Fighters and, all in black, says the night will be rock for her.

“I’m going to meet my son, who’s here too. Tati [Machado] He sent me a message earlier, he sent it to me now. Anyway, I’m going to meet the guys. Today is a different meeting day. Meeting to enjoy music especially, right? And to relax.”

She says she allowed herself to escape because she had the whole day tomorrow to rest. “I play the program from very early in the morning, so I fall out of bed at 4 am”, says the presenter, who rules out going straight to work at the club. “I once did this at Carnival. But my responsible side, CDF, won’t allow me to come to Bruno Mars tomorrow, unfortunately.”

Speaking of Carnival, the presenter excitedly tells us something new: “I’m going to be the godmother of a group here in São Paulo, Gueri-Gueri”. “We just talked, agreed and what I can tell you is this. I really intend to enjoy this Carnival.”

She rules out, however, becoming a drum godmother at a samba school. “I don’t think we’re there yet,” she jokes. “But I think the idea of ​​samba and carnival is to enjoy it. So, I also want to enjoy it in other places. It’s a time of the year that I love. I’ve always loved samba. I grew up with my mother playing samba every day there at home. So, it’s a musical style that suits me a lot.”

Poet, who had a generous neckline, says that since leaving Globo journalism she has felt more comfortable when it comes to dressing. “It has a slight transparency, like, subtle,” he admits.

“[Agora], I use more what I would use on a daily basis. I think that in journalism we have to follow a standard. It’s the blazer, it’s the shirt. But in everyday life I wore other clothes. So today I can be more me, so to speak. In terms of clothing style.”

The presenter also took the opportunity to deny having missed the beginning of the Meeting last week because she was late after a night out. “I wish!” she says. She explained that the program, that morning, would start outside the studio, but the link failed and she had to run in high heels until she got back to the location.

Source: Folha

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