‘He pushed me and hurt me, I felt used’, says second woman to accuse Antony of assault


Banker Ingrid Lana, 33, once again made accusations against Brazilian national team player Antony, 23. In an interview with the program Domingo Espetacular (Record), she says she was pushed and injured after refusing to have sexual relations with the athlete in England.

In her version, the player would have sent her tickets to go to the country to, theoretically, provide financial guidance for her income, since she works in this sector. But upon arriving at the player’s room, he would have changed his stance. Both already knew each other.

“I’ve known him for seven years. He tried to abuse me. I don’t want any money from him, but I’ll go all the way for all women,” he said.

The case would have happened in September 2022, before the World Cup. As she considers herself a friend of the athlete, Ingrid said that she would only talk about the case after the World Cup. Ingrid showed, to Record, supposed prints and audios of conversations with the player, in which there are apologies, but no mention of any aggression.

“I was never his lover, I never wanted to be famous and I struggled to study and work. When I asked him to speak out, he denied. He pushed me and hurt me. I felt used,” she says.

After the case, Ingrid says she asked Antony’s advisor to arrange tickets so she could return to Brazil, but she did not reveal the reason.

In contact with the report, the advisor named Reginaldo stated that Ingrid knew that Antony had invited her to go to England so that they could have sex, as he would not need any financial advice.

“I never saw him attacking anyone. Antony has already invited several girls to go to Manchester to have intimate relations and they all knew”, he reinforced.

Ingrid is the second woman to accuse Antony. At the time of the alleged attack, the athlete was already dating Gabriela Cavallin, a DJ who also accuses him of violence.


O F5 sought out player Antony’s team to comment on the new complaint brought by Record. The team sent a note stating that the accusations are unfounded.

“The player Antony Matheus dos Santos has been the target of unfounded accusations made by his ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin. Antony, through his defenders, has been closely following the police investigations within the scope of the ongoing inquiry at the 5th Police Station for the Defense of Women and trusts in the seriousness of the work of the police authority”, says the note.

“The investigation is being carried out in judicial secrecy, with no further comments on its content. In respect for the principle of presumption of innocence, sober, impartial, cautious and professional treatment is expected from the media and the Civil Police, Public Prosecutor’s Office and the Judiciary act with impartiality and with respect for the right to defense. Antony will remain at the disposal of the police authorities, trusting that, in the end, the truth will prevail with the recognition of his innocence”, concludes the statement.

Source: Folha

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