The Town: Klara Castanho plans a program with colleagues Paolla Oliveira and Giovanna Antonelli


Luisa Monte

Klara Castanho finally managed to come to The Town this Sunday (10), as she was busy recording the third season of “De Volta aos 15” and the podcast “Sem Nome Pode”. The 22-year-old actress told F5 who wanted to “scream and scream” for Iza, Gloria Groove and Bruno Mars, if he didn’t have to preserve his voice at this hectic moment in his career.

Klara was away from work for a few months last year, after disclosing that she was a victim of sexual violence, a subject she does not talk about in public. Now, she celebrates that she is “starting the process of recording the series and recording the podcast. Speaking of which, I have to preserve my voice more than ever.”

In the first season, Klara shared the presentation with actress Fernanda Concon and brought guests such as Maisa, Whindersson Nunes and Manu Gavassi. In the second, she wants to take two of her colleagues in dramaturgy, with whom she has already acted: Paolla Oliveira and Giovanna Antonelli.

“They are great actresses, outstanding in my career. I want to explore this other aspect with them”, he said.

The actress is also in the third season of “Bom dia, Verônica” (Netflix), as Ângela, a character who is Reynaldo Gianecchini’s daughter in the series. She adds that this phase is the “most intense” of the plot.

Source: Folha

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