The Ultimate Trivia Game “The Gladiator”hosted by Christos Ferentino, premieres today at 18.45, on SKAI and promises dynamic, cognitive duels every day. In these duels the only “weapons” needed are: mind, strategy and luck.

An exciting TV game, with millions of fans on and off TV all over the world, based on the “1 vs 100” format of the Banijay Rights company and has been broadcast in more than 40 countries, achieving a huge success.

Are you the one who can fight 100 opponents to the end in a daily duel of knowledge?

1 Gladiator, 100 opponents, 1 grand prize up to 100,000 euros!

A contestant plays against 100 opponents, who are called ‘The Mob’. During the game he has to answer correctly as many multiple choice questions as possible that are asked at the same time to him and to the 100.

If the Gladiator or any Mob member gives a wrong answer, they are eliminated from the game. The more Mob members the Gladiator knocks out, the more money he earns. The goal is for the “player – Gladiator” to eliminate every member of the “Mob” and remain the only winner, winning the grand prize of 100,000 euros or the maximum amount he can manage!

When the ‘player – Gladiator’ completes his claim against the ‘Mob’ by displacing as many opponents as possible, one of the 100 takes his place and the next Gladiator is anointed.

Are you ready for a duel to the end, with a prize that can reach 100,000 euros?

“The Gladiator” with Christos Ferentinos
Monday – Friday at 18.45, on SKAI

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