BBB 22: Ludmilla gets annoyed with questions from Rodrigo to Brunna: ‘Macho silly’


Ludmilla, 26, revealed this Friday (28), that she does not like the insistent way in which Rodrigo questioned Brunna about her marriage, on Big Brother Brasil 22. According to her, if the dancer were married to a man, the question would not be done so many times.

The singer, who has been married to Brunna since 2019, spoke about the matter on the program Encontro com Fátima Bernardes (Globo), and called Rodrigo a “macho silly” for insisting on the question to the dancer. “I’ve seen about six videos of him asking that. She’s already said she’s married to a woman,” he said.

The funkeira also said that she has been surprised by the vision of the game that Brunna has shown and that she believes that the dancer’s entire experience as a fan of the program is now helping her in the game. She also risked some alliance and vote guesses, and revealed that in addition to being “team Brunna” she is “team Jade”.

Lud took up his relationship with Brunna, who is one of his dancers, in June 2019. At the time, the singer said that she decided to come out, because despite having been with other women and men, “she never felt deep love”. “Brunna I love deeply, that’s why I wanted to assume”, he said.

The singer said on Friday that she was unable to say goodbye to her wife before she was confined to BBB 22, but that Brunna left a letter for her with her perfume, which inspired her to compose a song for the dancer. Earlier, Lud had already composed another song for her, “Maldives”.

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