The premiere of My Style Rocks introduced us to the 10 new players, but the show was stolen by the “new” member of the jury, Sofia Hatzipanteli, both with her dazzling appearance and her words.

The winner of the first day was the impressive Apolleon, who managed to get the highest score from the committee, as well as from her teammates, going to hand over an award as the winner of Eurovision.

One of the players who stood out was Mortasia, who after the end of her catwalk and while seeing the girls’ rating, said that “those who know, rate accordingly…”

At the same time, Dionysia Koukiou asked Georgia, on the occasion of a comment by the latter regarding imitations, if she has “monkeys” – bags in her closet, revealing that the two of them know each other from the past as they come from Patras.

Another conflict developed when Christina Bita was criticized by Dionysia and Amanda, with the latter even telling her that “a beef is starting”, due to the low scores.