Jojo Todynho says he plans to adopt a child he met in Angola: ‘This boy is my son’


Jojo Todynho’s recent trip to Angola made the businesswoman fall in love with a child she met at a school in the country. The singer stated that the connection was instantaneous and that she now intends to take steps to adopt her.

“I went to Luanda with an intercollegiate purpose, which was postponed but was much better than I imagined. I was invited to participate in an action and they invited me to visit a maternity ward and a school. One of the boys who came to honor me was Francisco”, she began.

The businesswoman said that, due to the number of little ones, she didn’t pay much attention, but that, when he started reading, he felt a very strong connection.

“I said ‘guys, this boy is my son’. His eyes shone, it was a connection, there’s no explanation. Then I asked him ‘what if I want to take you away?’, then he said ‘I’m going with you’. Now I’m going make contact with the family to see how it will go, to see if we can carry out an adoption process, all the procedures. I’m going to pray that the family accepts to bring him here.”

She also stated that, if everything goes well, she will give him the opportunity for a better life and recalled the story of Glória Maria’s daughters.

In the end, Jojo said she was hopeful about the possibility of becoming Francisco’s mother. “I had Glória Maria’s story in my head. I’m going to see a way, if the family allows me to bring him here, that I can continue helping his family there. But now it’s time to pray, let things happen. I’m very hopeful. I know he will become a great man,” she said.

Source: Folha

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