Antony says he will sue the bank for accusations of forced sex and claims the encounter was consensual


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Striker removed from Manchester United because of an accusation of domestic violence, player Antony Matheus, 23, says he did not force sexual relations with Ingrid Lana, 33. He stated that he will take action against the woman for slander and says he has gathered proof of what you are talking about. Ingrid Lana denies that she had relationships and was the player’s lover.

“I bought a ticket and booked a hotel for her. In fact, I met her at that hotel and we had an intimate and consensual meeting”, says Antony to F5in a WhatsApp conversation with the reporter.

The player staff says they have already gathered evidence to defend their thesis. In addition to WhatsApp conversations, which have already been analyzed by an expert, the attacker’s team has an 11-minute recording of a banker’s conversation with a man who helps look after the player’s career made in June.

Reginaldo Teixeira spoke with Ingrid Lana on June 18th. Teixeira has a position at the 4comM agency, which specializes in managing football players. The company takes care of managing Antony’s career, and that of other ball players, such as Alexandre Pato, Lucas Moura and Gabigol. Teixeira participates in the career management of the agency’s players who transfer to Europe. He currently lives in Germany.

In the recorded conversation, sent to the F5 for Antony’s defense, Ingrid says she will help him deny the accusations made by DJ Gabriela Cavallin, who accuses the ex-São Paulo striker of domestic violence. That week, Gabriela had given her first interview with the accusations to journalist Roberto Cabrini, from Record.

“If he needs me, I’ll go to the media, because I’m a person of God, I have a good heart. I just didn’t screw him because he used me, and then threw me away. And that hurts, right? But I I know several things. I felt used, I felt betrayed. I took 15 hours on a plane and then pretended that I didn’t exist because of Gabi”, says Ingrid in the audio. Ingrid also offends Gabriela Cavallin in the recording.

To the F5, over the phone, Reginaldo says why he recorded Ingrid Lana without her knowing. “I never do this, but as she was talking to me a lot, sending me a lot of messages, I thought about recording it. She said a lot about wanting to talk to Antony. She said she wanted to help, but only if Antony spoke to her directly”, he said.

Ingrid Lana did not know about the recording and denies sexual relations

The report sought out Ingrid Lana, who claims she did not know she was recorded. In an interview with F5 over the phone, Ingrid confirmed the content of the conversation and said that, upon seeing the photos of the investigation handed over to the police by Gabriela Cavalin’s defense, she decided to tell her experience. Ingrid says that she does not intend to take legal action against Antony and would just like to make it clear that she was not the player’s lover.

“I even wanted to stay by his side, because I ignored what happened to me at first. But after I saw Gabi’s photos, where her breast was out of place, and I remembered what happened to me, I thought that it was not possible that a woman would mutilate herself in that way. When I spoke to Reginaldo, I wanted to tell Antony to make it clear that I never had anything to do with him, and he never spoke out”, he stated.

“They made me look like I was a prostitute, a lover, but I’m a banker. Do you think I want to have a reputation like that? I’m a woman in the financial market. I just didn’t say it before because he was fine with Gabi and I didn’t want to harm him in the Brazilian team. I would make it seem like I was jealous. I’m not his lover. I didn’t have any relationship with him. His anger is that he tried and I didn’t want to”, he added.

Antony has 300 pages of conversations, according to the player himself

In an interview carried out via WhatsApp with the F5, Antony says he has 300 pages of WhatsApp conversations with Ingrid Lana. In them, according to the player, the two exchange intimate and consensual messages. The player showed the messages to the reporter and published part of them on Instagram. At one point, according to the player, Ingrid says that she had a relationship with him.

“Know that, regardless of sex, because we can’t even do it right (laughs), you are light. God is with you. It seems not, it is still the beginning of many blessings, not only material, but mainly spiritual. We don’t take anything from this world What we will leave is our legacy and memories. Kisses and see you any day”, said Ingrid to Antony on September 16, 2022, shortly after the meeting that took place in Manchester, England.

“I was talking to Ingrid on WhatsApp. When she went to Portugal to attend her cousin’s birthday, she asked to come here to Manchester to meet me, with the clear intention of meeting me intimately, including asking me if I preferred red or white lingerie”, said the player to F5.

“I bought a ticket and booked a hotel for her. In fact, I met her at that hotel and we had an intimate and consensual meeting. Although she insisted that we meet again for another intimate meeting, due to scheduling issues I couldn’t see her. there again, and she returned to Brazil. Since then, I have never met her again”, said the player.

The tickets were purchased in the name of Reginaldo Teixeira, at Antony’s request. The information was confirmed by Ingrid and Teixeira himself. “I booked everything at Antony’s request. When she arrived in Manchester, she didn’t have much money, and I took her to dinner. I provided what she needed,” said Reginaldo. “Reginaldo and Antony paid for my return ticket”, Ingrid also stated.

Antony says he will make everything available in a lawsuit he is preparing against Ingrid Lana. “All of this that I narrate is now fully proven in WhatsApp messages, which I just do not publish in full to preserve the right to privacy. However, I will make it available through the appropriate channels, if necessary, to prove my innocence, as well as propose the appropriate action reparation and request for investigation”, concluded the player.

Source: Folha

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