The “Troades”, directed by Christos Sougaris at the Municipal Garden Theater of Papagou

“Troades”, the performance of the State Theater of Northern Greece, directed by Christos Sougaris, is presented on Tuesday, September 12, at 21:00, at the Municipal Garden Theater of Papagou. Awaiting their departure for Greece, the captive women of Troy mourn the fall of the city. With them is Hecabe, who awaits the announcement of her own fate but is faced with repeated calamities: Polyxene is killed in Achilles’ tomb and Andromache learns of the Achaeans’ decision to kill her young son, Astyanacts. At the same time, Cassandra foretells the disasters that will find the Greeks on their way back.
Tuesday 12/9, 21:00
Ticket: From €12. Pre-sale:
Municipal Garden Theater of Papagou, Kortsas (6th Papagou stop), Papagou. Tel: 21 3202 7185

50 years of Vassilis Papakonstantinou: Additional concert at the Katrakeio Theater of Nice

The great celebration for the 50th anniversary of Vassilis Papakonstantinou continues with an additional concert, on Tuesday, September 12, at 9:30 p.m., at the Katrakeio Theater of Nice. And there – with the lyrical, dynamic, deeply emotional voice of Vassilis as a compass and the greatest composers, poets and lyricists born in this place – we will travel to the most important stages of his career, to his emblematic songs, to his collaborations that were written history.
Tuesday 12/9
Tickets: €15 Presale:
Katrakeio Theater, Manou Katrakis, and Kyra Tis Ro, Nice. Tel: 21 3207 5289.

Melisses: A unique concert at Herodion for “Together for the Children”

The Union “Together for the Child” invites us to a unique charity concert with the Bees dedicated to the “groups that write history”, at the Herodos Atticus Conservatory, on Tuesday, September 12, 2023, at 9:00 p.m. Through their own music and orchestral “eyes”, the Melisses (Christos Mastoras, Kostas Mavrogenis and Thanos Laitsas) will play some of the most timeless and favorite songs of Greek bands. They will remind us of legendary songs that have remained in our hearts and that symbolize the power of the group and the concept of “Together” in the art of Music.
Tuesday 12/9, 21:00
Tickets: Kato Diazoma | Distinguished: €90, A’ Zone: €70, B’ Zone: €60, C’ Zone: €50 Upper Diazoma: €35, €25 Reduced (restricted visibility) & AMEA: €15.
Herod Atticus Conservatory, Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, Athens | Tel: 210 32 41 807