Lexa says she discovered an autoimmune disease that causes forgetfulness: ‘I was very sad’


Singer Lexa, 28, said on the PodPeople podcast that she recently discovered she had an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. According to the artist, the diagnosis came after she had bouts of forgetfulness.

“My memory seems to be a little short, I forget all the time. I noticed a few things. When I received the diagnosis, I was very sad. Nobody wants to have an autoimmune disease,” he said.

According to psychiatrist and podcast presenter, Ana Beatriz Barbosa, hashimotos means that antibodies attack the thyroid, which is what speeds up the metabolism. “You must have felt a little slower, a little more tired, thinking that was quick and became a little slower, difficulty losing weight”, added the specialist.

In addition to these symptoms, there is also a lot of swelling, fluid retention, hair loss and lack of libido. “It’s a battle, a disease that is boring, but the probability of it turning into cancer is almost zero”, reinforced Ana Beatriz to Lexa.

Through social media, Lexa gave more details. “Months ago I discovered an autoimmune disease (when our defense cells attack our body), in my case the thyroid. With many blood and imaging tests we detected it and are already treating it”, she reinforced.

The singer also spoke about the support of Guimê, her husband, who takes her to all exams. “He cancels everything in his life to take me, accompany me and understand everything,” she posted.

Source: Folha

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