The second episode of “My Style Rocks” started with plenty of style, but also with tensions and disagreements. The ten contestants in the “fortifications”, did their best to impress their teammates and the jury.

Niki went for afternoon coffee with her divorced friend, but her ensemble did not particularly impress either her teammates or the jury, who pointed out that despite the color harmony, she failed to connect the elements.

On the other hand, Christina went to her favorite author’s book fair choosing a suit to impress. Great, however, was the disagreement over the shoes he chose.

In particular, the player wore a sabo, but her choice did not excite Amanda, nor Dionysia, as a result of which the tones rose.

Georgia then created an ensemble to shop for her daughter’s new school year.

Tension prevailed on the set, however, between Georgia and Stelios Koudounaris, on the occasion of the score the player received for her performance today.

As Georgia argued, her ensemble deserved a higher score as she had made an effort, even though the pieces were disjointed.

However, the tension also expanded afterwards, when Sofia Hatzipanteli pointed out that Dionysia did not respect her, as during her criticism of Georgia, she intervened and interrupted her.

Christina and Amanda don’t seem to have gotten off to a good start and things escalated a second time. “Is this fabric from a kitchen or patio tablecloth?”, Christina characteristically said to Amanda, commenting on her outfit as old-fashioned.

Finally, Apolleon went to a gallery where she has an exhibition on the marriage of material goods and collected the highest score for the second day in a row and thus, was declared the winner.

Meanwhile, the lowest score was collected by Katerina and Deni, having a total of 5.1 as a score and tying the score.