Amber Heard recalls ‘brutal’ dating with Elon Musk


Actress Amber Heard, 37, decided to talk about her brief relationship with billionaire Elon Musk, 52. “Elon loves fire, but sometimes he ends up getting burned,” she said, in a statement collected for the new biography of Walter Isaacson, released this Tuesday (12).

Isaacson writes about their relationship, especially in the chapter titled “Rocky Relationships.” According to People magazine, Musk, who calls the relationship “brutal”, became interested in the actress after seeing her in action in the comedy “Machete Kills” (2013). But it was during her visit to SpaceX, in 2014, that they both became closer.

“I guess I could be called a geek by someone who could also be called a hottie,” Heard said in the book. She also confirmed that she “loves” her now friend very much.

The chapter includes an episode about an argument between the ex-couple, close to the end of their relationship, on vacation in South America, in which the family was together.

The quick relationship between Elon Musk and Amber Heard became a topic of discussion during the trial last year, which punished the actress against fellow actor Johnny Depp, 60.

Musk, according to Depp stated at trial, would be the biological father of Amber’s daughter. The child was conceived by a surrogate mother, which is permitted in the United States. Depp said he had clues that would lead to proof that Musk was the sperm donor.

The technology billionaire commented on social media at the time about the legal fight between the actor and his ex. He responded to a podcast host’s Twitter post commenting on the libel trial.

“I hope they both move forward. At their best, each of them is amazing,” wrote Musk, who was named and listed as a witness in the trial for donating US$1 million (about R$4.95 million) to the charity in honor of the actress.

Source: Folha

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