Understand biogenic eating, which helped Gaby Amarantos lose 14 kilos


A post by Gaby Amarantos last weekend caught the attention of internet users. Amid photos in a bucolic environment, surrounded by nature, the singer claims to have adopted a biogenic diet that resulted in the loss of 14 kilos.

“Yes, I have been doing enemas, drinking a lot of live juice, live food, hiking, hiking and feeling light and more connected with myself and nature,” he wrote in the post. Translation of enemas: intestinal washings.

According to nutritionist Daniele Borges, biogenic eating is the consumption of fresh foods ingested in the most natural way possible, without undergoing processing or additions.

“A diet based on biogenic foods takes into account the removal of processed foods. In this type of meal, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashew nuts, nuts, sprouts, germinated seeds, fruits and vegetables are used”, he explains.

To adopt this type of consumption, you can eat papaya with sunflower seeds and chestnuts for breakfast or as snacks between meals. For lunch or dinner, zucchini, green beans and broccoli. According to her, it is important to align your diet with physical exercise.

However, according to the nutritionist, there are some precautions to be taken. Even though the consumption of natural foods is rich in nutrients, eating only vegetables to the detriment of proteins can lead to a lack of vitamins.

“This can cause tiredness, headache and even hypovitaminosis (lack of essential vitamins). Therefore, the recommendation is to always look for a nutritionist to prescribe the nutritional strategy that best suits you. Professional assessment determines the best choice of food based on the basic calculation of calories and nutrients needed for each person.”

Source: Folha

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