A Fazenda 15: Lucas Souza has already been accused of assault in a troubled relationship with Jojo Todynho


Military man Lucas Souza is in A Fazenda 15 (Record). The military man and influencer became known nationally after a quick and controversial marriage to Jojo Todynho. Between barbs, he has already been accused of assault and was called a “saggy bag” for not being able to get the funk singer pregnant.

Jojo and Lucas got married in January 2022 and ended up separating in November of the same year, with little explanation. However, the following month, Jojo said that he had sought her out to get back together, but that he had verbally attacked her. Therefore, she decided to open a police report against her ex-husband.

In February this year, Lucas gave an interview to Metropolitana FM radio and explained the real reasons for the couple’s breakup – which includes an alleged betrayal by Jojo.

“There was a situation at the beginning, right when we had gotten married. She sent a message to a guy, a heated message and this guy was a PM military officer and he sent a print in the PM staff group”, said the former military officer . “The person who was in the group sent it to me on Instagram in temporary mode and I don’t know how I saw it. I went to talk to her. We had friction there and it was an unresolved situation within the relationship. “

The pinpricks didn’t stop. Jojo refuted the accusations and denied having cheated on her ex. And she even complained about not being able to have a child with him.

“My God, the bag is withered and the milk is rotten. I was devastated. I couldn’t even play. I lost my shine. I took a pregnancy test every day and the man had rotten milk”, said the presenter, on social media .

Source: Folha

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