At auction to support Hollywood strikers, celebrities offer to walk dogs and have dinner with fans


Chloe Kim

Would you rather have a famous actor take your dog for a walk or have a celebrity help you solve the New York Times crossword puzzle?

Both offers could be yours — at a likely considerable price — after celebrities launched an online auction to help workers who are without access to health insurance due to the Hollywood actors and screenwriters’ strike.

Activities up for auction include “Parks and Recreation” star Adam Scott as a dog walker for an hour. Warning: Dog must be in Los Angeles. The current bid is US$3,050 (about R$14,800).

Meanwhile, the protagonist of the series “Girls”, Lena Dunham, can make a large painting on the wall of your house – the most recent bid is US$5,100 (R$24,800) – or you can take a course in ceramics in New York with actress Busy Philipps.

The sale on the eBay website was organized by the Union Solidarity Coalition, an organization founded in May by Hollywood screenwriters and directors to offer financial support to the strikers.

Offers can be submitted until September 22nd.

Members of the screen actors’ union, the Screen Actors Guild, joined in July members of the screenwriters’ union, the Writers Guild, in the walkout that had begun in May.

Unions have failed to reach an agreement with studios and streaming giants over issues of pay, working conditions and the industry’s use of artificial intelligence.

Until an agreement is reached, thousands of people will remain out of work and without health insurance.

Seeking to cover these gaps, other auction offers include a hat signed by musician Tom Waits or a song to be written and sung “just for you” by the cast of the cartoon “Bob’s Burgers” — at a bid, at the moment, of US$ 5,000 (R$24 thousand).

Russian Doll star Natasha Lyonne will help you solve the New York Times crossword for 15 minutes if your bid is successful.

The auction also promises “a 15-minute existential conversation with Natasha Lyonne and her dog Rootbeer.”

“Better Call Saul” star Bob Odenkirk and his “Mr. Show” co-star David Cross will dine with you in New York or Los Angeles for at least $7,100, which is the Current offer. If you can’t make it to these locations, they will send you a delivery from your favorite local restaurant and dine with you via video call.

Meanwhile, Oscar- and Emmy-winning actor John Lithgow offered to make a painting of his dog.

The winner will be invited to submit four to five photos of their pet “and John Lithgow will paint a watercolor portrait of his best friend,” says an enthusiastic auction announcement.

Source: Folha

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