The week ends with another cooking showdown in the show’s kitchen “My mom cooks better than yours.”

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In the previous episode, Dia and her daughter Martha managed to prove that theirs “spaghetti with minced meat” they were better and today they are more ready than ever to solve the riddle of “which mom cooks better”! This time Dia, as a mathematician, in addition to the mathematical equations she will solve, will also pose a difficult problem to her daughter Marthena. She should cook… “beef morsels braised with rice” with the result that her mother cooks better.

However, in front of them will stand another mom with her daughter. THE Elena Domazou in addition to being a good singer, she comes to prove that she is also a good cook, and Eugenia’s mom is with her to help her with her advice. The Lady Kindness he puts Elena in the kitchen and together they will cook “Pene a la creme with shrimps.”

My mum

THE Markos Seferlis, as an exemplary host, cheers on the would-be cooks, distracts the moms but keeps the good mood and fun on set undiminished. On his part, Mr Hector Bottrini, as an objective judge, he decides which pair will win the 1,000 euros of today’s episode.

My mum