With the selection of the first winner of the season, but also the first retirement of a player, the first gala was completed My Style Rocks characterized by strong emotions. In a theme inspired by the “Barbie” phenomenon that has taken the world by storm due to the recent movie, fashionistas were invited to be inspired by the famous doll. Of course, the gala was not without tensions between the players, but also disagreements between the jury.

Apolleon emerged as the first winner of the season. Having impressed in the first few days, where she won in back-to-back episodes, Apolleon collected the highest score of the week, earning €2,500.

Earlier, the same player moved everyone on the set with her shocking confession. When describing her concept, the eventual winner talked about the multiple roles a woman is asked to adopt during her lifetime. “The fact that she is a mother, a worker, a businessman, a housewife, she is everything, many times she has roles and “men’s” ones too” she said characteristically, while also revealing how she came up with the name “Apolleon”, without wanting to give more details.

Equally touching was the moment when Deni Kouvarakou was in front of the jury. In a standout look, she appeared in a stunning formal black dress, which garnered rave reviews from the entire judging panel. However, Sofia Hatzipanteli, visibly moved, praised the 53-year-old player, saying “I hope all women, and I one day, when I’m your age to be like you.”

Of course, the rest of the players did not share the opinion of the judges. In fact, Deni came into conflict with Christina, but also with Dionysia, who even left points about her character and her motivation in the competition. The latter mentioned that behind the scenes Deni revealed to her that he was jealous of her, which she denied, with Katerina Karavatou watching the tension between the players with wonder.

In addition to the selection of the first winner, the gala was also accompanied by the first departure. Deni, Eleana and Katerina were in the last three places, with the second being “saved” by the rest of the players after the decisive last – double – vote of Apolleon. And the judges appeared divided, but in the end with a 2-1 vote, Deni stayed in the game and Katerina left after just one week in the competition, without having managed to show off her style sufficiently.