Flavia Alessandra’s daughter exposes attacks on her appearance on social media: ‘Baranguinha’


Giulia Costa, 23, vented on social media after suffering several attacks over her appearance. The actress exposes the nasty comments she has received, making comparisons with her mother Flávia Alessandra. The actress also lamented the episode in a video with images of her body interspersed with scenes of nature such as sea waves, mountains and volcanoes.

In the publication, Giulia also showed messages such as: “From preppy to preppy? She looks like a sloppy mother! Look at the size of her breasts”, “You look like you don’t like getting ready” and “Urgent gym!”.

Many of them also mentioned Flávia Alessandra’s vanity. “Your mother’s beautiful body, dear! She’s perfect,” said one internet user. “Look at your mother, what a great woman, take care of yourself. When you get to her age, you’ll be finished”, warned another.

Giulia, who worked on “Malhação – Seu Lugar no Mundo” (2016), said she thought before posting the video “I already deleted and rewrote what would be said here several times. Maybe because this video talks about a lot of things for me”, began the actress, who continued. “Maybe because I know it’s not going to reach the depth that I want it to reach in people — in people who need to hear it and understand it.”

Flávia Alessandra came to her daughter’s defense and wrote in the publication: “If even today I could protect you from all evil… I love you infinitely.”

Source: Folha

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