The kitchen ofMy mom cooks better than yours” is ready to receive the “cooking” couples of today’s episode, who will cross their spoons for the best dish of the day.

THE Markos Seferlis welcomes the winners of the previous episode, the cousins, to the set Victoria and Dianabut also the new couple Gold and Christos.

THE Victoria and the Dianahaving managed to knock out their previous opponents, they come to cook for the second time “noodles from… Asia». Diana runs again to collect the countless materials that her cousin asks of her, while Victoria, in order to calm down from the stress, starts Latin dances with Marco at every opportunity.

Opposite them is a married couple, the Gold and the Christos. Christos comes to the show exclusively for Markos while Chrysa, who is a philologist, comes to win the bet she made with her husband. Will he give him the proper instructions to achieve in texture the “velouté vegetable soup with caramelized onions»?


Some ingredients may be missing from the contestants’ dishes, but the appetite for creation, play and cooking is never lacking. Which couple will manage to “win” him Hector Bottrini with his prescription and get them 1,000 euros of the episode?

Daily at 17.30 on SKAI