What does it take to win… in the kitchen? The right teammate and the funniest cooking show: “My mom cooks better than yours”, every day at 17.30, on SKAI.

THE Markos Seferliswelcomes the opposing couples of today’s episode, the cousins Victoria and Dianawho are preparing to cook for the fourth time in a row and a new couple, the best men, Hercules and Peter.

Herakles and Petros, originally from Italy, are friends and best men. Peter, with Hercules’ instructions, cooks it “Gademi Schnitzel”. A dish name, which raises questions for both Marco and Hector. The answer is simple: Hercules has never succeeded.

Will Peter’s Italian temperament be enough to overcome the gademia and win the “sweet and sour crispy chicken with rice” of Victoria and Diana?


Victoria’s strong guidance and Diana’s spunk have brought the girls three wins already and they come into the kitchen knowing the ins and outs of the kitchen very well.

The winner, however, will be decided on the points and the Hector Bottrini he is the one who will decide on the tastiest dish. Will the groomsmen manage to win the episode’s €1,000 or will the cousins ​​increase their winnings?

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