In trench warfare the internal party process for the nomination of a new president in SYRIZA is progressing. Two days before the second round polls open Stefanos Kasselakis and Efi Ahtsioglou exchange shotscount allies and opponents while a merciless war is also going on in social media. However, the scenarios that wanted to open the way for Stefanos Kasselakis to enter the Parliament are removed, since such a thing presupposes the resignation of one of the party’s three state deputies and then the runners-up who are above him on the state ballotsince both Mrs. Elena Akrita and Mr. Othon Iliopoulos announced that resignation is not in their intentions. However, it remains to place the third Member of State and from the first moment on the side of Mr. Kasselakis, Mr. Vangelis Apostolakis.

Earlier, however, aresponse to what they accuse him of “war” through social media on Efi Ahtsioglou gave early Thursday morning o Stefanos Kasselakis.

The candidate for the presidency of SYRIZA, with his post on twitter (X) he commented that he appreciates and respects Mrs. Ahtsiogloulike everyone in the party, as a competitor and not an opponent.

At the same time, he says that he believes her completely for what she reports in court who sent

THE statement of Stefanos Kasselakis:

“Thursday 9/21/23

In SYRIZA I have competitors, not opponents.

Efi Ahtsioglou talked about a fake sms circulating on the internet and for immoral perversions. He sent an extrajudicial letter. I totally believe her.

I want to clarify again:

In SYRIZA I have competitors, not opponents.

People who from Monday will be together in the battle to bring down the Mitsotakis regime.

I respect and honor Efi Ahtsioglou and she has a big role to play in our common goal.

Personally, I have received the greatest possible attacks.

From the media of the system, but even from those of the party, as a candidate who does not have the umbrella of protection of the party tube.

And from Maximus himself, who is fiercely fighting me before I am even elected.

I am here to face all attacks.

And crush them one by one.

But everyone should know that for my competitors I will be a shield of protection.

Monday 9/25/23

We are a fist.

And we are with the light.”

At the same time, in her interview, Mrs. Ahtsioglou accused her opponent of derogatory attitude towards her for the fact that she is a woman. After repeating that the only political proposal on the table is hers and she declares that of course she insists on holding a debate. However, Mrs. Ahtsioglou noted that the fact that she is a woman has worked negativelywhile adding that the report itself of Mr. Kasselakis to herself under her first name, against the reference to Mr. Tsakalotos with his first name, it shows “derogatory “pen” precisely because I am a woman”.

In particular, Mrs. Ahtsiglou in the question “Do you think the fact that you are a woman is an advantage or a disadvantage in this election campaign? Did you feel that Mr. Kasselakis called you by your first name in his recent statement, or was it an attempt to show intimacy?”, he answered:

“Obviously my gender has also worked negatively and I suspect that any woman in my position would tell you the same if she wanted to appear honest. There is one ingrained sexism and very deep male stereotypes in Greek society. Even people positively situated towards me, find it difficult to accept a woman who will not have the position of supporter, adviser or secretary next to a powerful man, but she will be at the wheel herself. This also happens within SYRIZA-PS, although to a much lesser extent than in other parties. In reference, now, to the second question, why did Mr. Kasselakis address Euclid Tsakalotou, who is a man, by his first name in the same statement? He would tell him, moreover, go on tour together or “come on, it’s over” and don’t make it to the second round? And no, it doesn’t even come into the question of intimacy, since, as I told you, we barely know each other. He addressed me with this derogatory “pen” precisely because I am a womanbut I I am one of those women who are determined not to submit to the ‘natural’ trend of things, ending up decorative in a male-dominated universe.”

At the same time, however, SYRIZA officials with their public statements take a position against the two candidates, while shortly after the State Member of Parliament Elena Akrita – who initially stood in favor of Mrs. Ahtsioglou and now aligns herself with Mr. Kasselakis – stated that she does not intend to resign for to facilitate his entry into parliament. Mr. Othon Papadopoulos is in the same direction. However, speaking earlier today to Sky, Nikos Filis stated that “Mitsotakis is not falling from an American shipping broker”.

“I don’t see knives, I see a confrontation of opinions, unfortunately on the one hand from the army that is online with Mr. Kasselakis, I also see behaviors that are problematic, some even behave in a way that is not only not noble, he is very bad, I would not like to characterize him, against Mrs. Ahtsioglou and everyone else” said Nikos Filis speaking on the show Today, on SKAI.

When asked if Mr. Kasselakis has an army, he answered: “There is an army, I’m not saying a paid army, there is an army. This is happening, this has been happening for a month and Mr. Kasselakis does not condemn. Polakis, on the other hand, curses anyone who speaks Greek.”

He went on to say that “confrontation should have rules, not be done in terms of a part of the internet, some phrases are underworld”.

About Mr. Kasselakis he said “I describe him as silent about phenomena unfolding in his name”.

When asked if Mr. Kasselakis has political views, he replied: “Call him to tell you. There are discussions with monologues of the videos, only an image, not an exchange of views.”