Danielle Winits declares herself to ex-husband André Gonçalves after separation: ‘Count on me’


Gabriel Vaquer

Actress Danielle Winits declared herself this Monday (25) to actor André Gonçalves, her ex-husband and currently confined in A Fazenda 15, a reality show on Record.

Danielle stated that, even though they are separated as husband and wife after a marriage of almost seven years, she is very grateful for the time they spent together.

“I like to think that the sunlight will always illuminate your dawn. I like to know that we can walk hand in hand, even if we walk different paths at the moment, this can happen between loving beings. I like to remain celebrating your existence and the of a wonderful God interceding in your journey”, she stated.

“I like even more to explain its power when facing new beginnings, fueling me with this faith of yours. The one that combines the verb believe with resilience without losing joy. And I dawn here as you know so well…. Being the one that you have always known that you can count on I will be. Danielle”, he concluded.

The two had been together since 2016. Last year, the actor made news after spending a night in jail and another 60 days under house arrest due to non-payment of child support for two daughters from previous relationships.

Manuela Gonçalves has already vented online about her father’s absence in her life and said that she learned everything without him. It is the result of the actor’s relationship with actress Tereza Seiblitz.

“I learned to read, write and do math without him. I had my first scraped knee without him. All the school and theater performances without him. My first swimming medal. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, birthday parties without him.”

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