An opportunity to travel through time is offered to visitors 1st Medieval Fantasy Festival which will take place on October 15, in Paliouri, Halkidiki.

Seminars, games, food, music, everything in this celebration will be inspired by him Middle Ages. The artists, the organizers, as well as those visitors who wish, will be dressed in period clothes, or from books and films that have a similar theme.

“There will be a medieval market with artists making jewelry, whether it’s maps, whatever, inspired by the medieval era, book launches, workshops on fantasy writing, painting miniatures, role-playing tables like Dungeons and Dragons»Katerina Karagianni, who organizes the Festival, told APE-MPE.

The food will be cooked with a stick and fire, without modern means.

Also, there will be a show with stilts and bonfires, as well as a band that will play music in a medieval style. “We will close with a big celebration around a bonfire,” emphasized Mrs. Karagianni.

Ms. Karagianni maintains at Paliouri for a year and a half, a beer hall with elements that refer to the medieval era. “The people we host in our shop also belong to this community, so we wanted to make this festival more like a celebration to get to know each other better, to exchange opinions, spend well, let’s celebrate it”, he said. He added that from the first moment the event met with a great response both from artists and creators who want to participate and from people who expressed the desire to attend it.

“We started doing it on a trial basis. And it ends up being bigger than we expected,” he noted. The 1st Medieval Fantasy Festival will take place from 10am to 9pm and admission will be free. Transportation from Thessaloniki and return by bus is provided.