A Fazenda 15: André Gonçalves, Lucas Souza, Nathália Valente and Rachel Sheherazade are the farmers of the 1st week


André Gonçalves, Lucas Souza, Nathália Valente and Rachel Sheherazade compete to stay in A Fazenda 15 (Record) this week. One of the four will be the first eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition this Thursday (28). Before that, they face the Farmer’s Test this Wednesday (27) and the winner escapes from the spotlight.

In the vote on Tuesday (26), Alicia X, Cariúcha, Cezar Black and Shayan could not be voted, as they were immune. Tonzão Chagas won the Fire Trial this Monday (25) and had the right to change a rule. The other power option was given by him to Darlan Cunha.

Darlan then read his decision: to exchange a resident of the bay for one from headquarters. He chose to invert Lily Nobre (from the bay) with André Gonçalves (from the headquarters).

Thus, the nominations began. Rachel Sheherazade was chosen by farmer Yuri Meirelles directly for the farm. “I get along well, we have little exchange on a daily basis, but her game strategy isn’t great. It seems like she comes here more to raise the flag than to play. I don’t know if it’s an environment she feels good in”, explained the model .

The journalist said she found the farmer’s decision unfair. “There are circles where we are ignored, so, a person like me, who has self-love, I don’t need to force my presence to be accepted”, she said.

Before continuing the vote, Tonzão discovered his extra power: he chose another pawn to have a 2-weight vote – Kamila Simioni. Then, it was time for the house nominations: Lucas Souza was the one who received the highest number of votes (16) and was also taken to the countryside.

As a counterattack, Jojo Todynho’s ex-husband pulled Nathália Valente, who was in the stall, to also compete in the spotlight.

The fourth wave in the field was defined by the “one left” dynamic: whoever came from the stall saved a pawn, who will grant his rescue to another and so on. The one left was André Gonçalves, and he became the last roceiro of the week.

In the last block, André still had a difficult decision: placing one of the four directly in Roça, vetoing him from the Farmer’s Test. He chose Nathália Valente. Thus, André, Lucas and Rachel will compete, this Wednesday, in the Farmer’s Test, and the champion will get rid of the popular vote, guaranteeing another week in the reality show.


  • Farmer Yuri Meirelles voted for Rachel Sheherazade;
  • Nadja Pessoa voted for Sander Mecca;
  • Lucas Souza voted for Darlan Cunha;
  • Radamés Furlan voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Jaquelline Grohalski voted for Darlan Cunha;
  • Kamila Simioni voted for Lucas Souza (weight 2);
  • Kally Fonseca voted for Darlan Cunha;
  • Sander Mecca voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Rachel Sheherazade voted for Darlan Cunha;
  • WL Guimarães voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Jenny Miranda voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Darlan Cunha voted for Lucas Souza;
  • André Gonçalves voted for Radamés Furlan;
  • Nathália Valente voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Márcia Fu voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Henrique Martins voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Shayan voted for Kally Fonseca;
  • Tonzão Chagas voted for Lucas Souza (weight 2);
  • Cezar Black voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Alicia X voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Lily Nobre voted for Lucas Souza;
  • Cariúcha voted for Lucas Souza;

Source: Folha

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