A Fazenda 15: Lucas Souza, Nathalia Valente and Rachel Sheherazade are on the farm; vote in the poll


Lucas Souza, Nathalia Valente and Rachel Sheherazade are on the farm and are competing to stay in A Fazenda 15 (Record). One of the three will be the first eliminated from the current edition of the reality show and will leave the competition this Thursday (28). André Gonçalves won the farmer’s test and saved himself from the spotlight.

André, Lucas and Rachel were nominated in the vote this Tuesday (26) and faced each other in the farmer’s test. Nathália was already on the farm because she was left in the “one left” dynamic. Before going down to the testing field, they were able to choose a helper for the challenge: André called Radamés Furlan; Lucas called on Shayan and Rachel opted for Cezar Black.

The farmer’s test, held this Wednesday (27), placed one of the duo’s players on a swing. He needed to hit balls (passed by his colleague) at targets, with each basket having a different score. Whoever scored the most points in three minutes became the new king of the house.

At the end of the challenge, according to the game order, the score was: Lucas, 400 points; Andrew, 1600; and Rachel, 800. Thus, André won and took the lead.

The farmer of the week will have the right to send a pawn directly to the field in the formation of the next hot seat.

The official vote for the countryside is carried out on the R7 website.

Source: Folha

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