The developments in the new episode of Pantheon on SKAI are shocking.

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Episode 9 – Thursday 28 September

Andreas (A. Chilakis) rushes to the office of Metaxas (I. Degaitis), in the wild night, and finds the security man dead.

Metaxas suspects that he was the target and asks Andreas to take the dead man to his clinic, to perform the autopsy without anyone knowing and to inform him of the findings.

Kitsos (M. Sarantis), while refusing to admit that he has feelings for Marmo (M. Krailing) and confronting Pella (I. Baltsavias) about it, decides to meet her again, using the same tactic that she used too.

He sends a message and asks her to meet him at Nina’s (K. Karvounis) hotel.


Marmo goes and Kitsos suggests that they play a game of… “discovery”!


Stathis (S. Stamoulis), sure that this time he will succeed in blackmailing Vallidis (I. Fillipoglou) and getting the money he wants, goes and finds him at his house.

But an unpleasant surprise awaits him there.