One of these pieces is the jeans, which in every version and shade we include in almost every outfit.

However, it is good to dare to wear something different, both for our psychology which can rise by wearing something out of the ordinary, we strengthen our creativity but also our style and we can combine and wear a look that would not we even thought we could adopt it ourselves.

So we have collected 5 different bottoms for you, so that you can finally take off your jeans a little.

  • Tailored trousers

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Or what looks like a suit. It probably has pleats and a straight line, and may resemble – or even be – men’s trousers. It automatically upgrades your style and gives more sophisticated vibes while you can also wear it with your sneakers for comfort.

  • Cargo pants

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It gives utility vibes and something a little bit from the 90s and it cannot be missing from your collection. Whether you choose it in a straight line or with elastic cuffs, it is important that you will be comfortable in style and have enough pockets to keep your things together.

  • Chino pants

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One of the must-have basic trousers in our collection, it goes perfectly with shirts, sweaters or polo shirts and you’ll want to wear it everywhere.

  • Zip culottes

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One of the most comfortable options is the zip culotte, since it gives extra style points to your every appearance while you don’t have to part with your comfort. You can wear it with a sweater or crop top and heels or ballet flats for a sophisticated style from morning to night. Choose to wear it with shoes that don’t “cut” your foot at ankle or calf level, to give the impression of a single, taller leg and silhouette – if that’s what you want.

  • Skirt

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Whether you like mini or maxi, the skirt is the epitome of femininity but also elegance, especially in the right line. You can wear it with any outfit and shoes, at any time of the day, and be chic effortlessly.