On Sunday, September 24 at 5:10 p.m., “Neighborhoods on a Plate” on SKAI will take us to a neighborhood that has emerged as a foodie destination in recent years.

Dimitris Skarmoutsos guides us to the corners of Roof, where we can find the ultimate marriage of comfort food with modern or “teased” touches.

Between neighborhoods that have been on the culinary map of the center for years, such as Petralona and Metaxourgeio, Roof now deservedly claims its role within this map.


Starting our walk from the Benaki museum, we descend for 10 literal steps to find ourselves in “Tzoutzouka”. It opened 2 years ago and very soon made its mark.

In her dishes, her family’s Asia Minor roots are married with elements from places where she has traveled or lived, creating a colorful canvas, woven with flavors.

Next stop the “Piedra Opera”, a very special venue that started operating in 2009 in a beautiful old medieval building.

It only opens every Friday and Saturday in winter but something magical happens at its tables, as members of the lyric scene meet here, and you can enjoy your food while listening to the best tenors and sopranos sing in a mystagogical experience.

“Faces” started from Gazi in 1998 and moved to the area a few years later writing their own culinary history in the Roof, that’s why they have customers from all over the world who visit them again and again.


Finally, the necessary stop of the day is at the “Old Bicycle”! The old bicycle is a personal bet of Tasos who decided to open a modern tsipouradi. A simple and warm place with the warmth of a village cafe and the freshness of a modern restaurant.


Returning to the studio, Dimitris Skarmoutsos prepares two separate recipes: saganaki shrimps with spinach and feta and salmon with herbs, sun-dried tomatoes and capers.