“Things are not static at all, it is obvious that in recent years there has been an ideological and political shift, but the pendulum is moving again, and it is also moving in Europe,” emphasized the SYRIZA-PS MP, Nikos Pappas at the Economist conference.

“I was personally surprised when I read the Commission’s announcement on the measures to deal with the energy crisis. I don’t know which hand put the final note and signature, but it had measures that we would not have discussed all the previous time…. He asked the countries to intervene dynamically and with fiscal measures. He said that we must move to the fringes of the state aid rules and proposed a series of measures, nationalisations. Of course, this was also included in the proposals, the Greek government didn’t do it, let’s say the French government did, I don’t think it has communist springs…”.

“Your own government, Maki, intervened with about fifty billion, fiscal expansion, the public debt has increased, you made powerful public expenditures in the previous period,” said Mr. Pappas, addressing Mr. Voridis, present at the conference.

Mr. Pappas emphasized that “divisive lines between political forces are emerging again” and emphasized that, at the European level, he understands the distinction between progressive and conservative policies, along the lines of: “unification, or national foldings.”

He noted that this distinction, between progress and maintenance, was reflected at the Conference on the Future of Europe, where with the proposals in favor of political deepening of the EU. leftists, socialists, liberals and a section of the European People’s Party were drawn up, while they were rejected on the other hand by far-right parties and another section of the EPP, who wanted “national re-foldings”.

“There, if one searches, I think one can find the root of Europe’s evil spirit. That is, in the conservative view that says: let everyone look at their backyard and our Europe will be fine.” This is not the case even in the economy, as Mr. Schäuble told us, at the beginning of the last decade,” emphasized Mr. Pappas and added:

“You remember that the Eurobond discussion was forbidden, but it happened. And on what occasion was it done? Due to the pandemic. And what came back, due to the pandemic? The debate on strengthening public health systems”.